We proudly presents the Big Red Monster kennel

Dear Dog-fancier guest,


Please let us to introduce you the world's best dogs! Our kennel's founding goal is to breed XXL Pitbulls on the highest standard. Our dogs are Extreme XXL Red Nose type of Pitbulls which are- as it is usual from us- representing the highest quality. The perfect wasn't just good enough and now please: Thiese dogs are born game minded with extreme sized bodies with impressive muscles. They are naturally the most spectacle even it's a dog show, an exchibition at a walk or just on a canope. Their appereance shows noblesse and superiority with a kind of arrogance. They are giant however we wanted them to cope with every situation- in the sport and in the garden. They surely going to be the best friend of the children and of the family. Their look is quite enough to know yourself and your family safe with a Big Red Monster. Their motion is perfect, they have a long wind, they swimm perfectly and they're tireless. They work or run for hours if it is necessary but still self-confident to lay in the shade. Basically they calm and peaceful. They never do useless things. But if it's needed they open the gates of hell and show what does the ancient power means. Than they need man to control them. Never irritate a monster or their owner! They never show any agression not even against the foreigners because their confident tells them they're opponentless for this they have no fear. Against other animals they are dominant what means no mercy for anything which doesnt venerate. Yeah a Pitbull's just like this... We swear by A/A Chevy Red Dog bloodline which is the most successful and the most famous. Chevy is 6 times World Champion, 9 times National Champion and officially still holding the World Record in weight pulling. In each of our dog's bloodline there is Chevy and many more A/A qualified dogs. Chevy's ancestors and offsprings are the most powerful dogs ever! There's no bloodline which can be compared to Chevy's! Watch our movies or see our picture galery to look into the eyes of an exclusive and rarely pricless dog! If you are lucky and prepared to have friend like they are beside you- then you are already somebody! You are going to be very proud and happy until she/he is goig to be with you! But never forget they can not be possessed! But if you reach their respect they give their life for you as we do it for our families and brothers. Love and Respect!